Our Polytunnel Project

Monday November 24th 2014

Following our successful funding application for our "grand green idea" of a community polytunnel , we have decided to give regular updates of our progress on our website.

Everybody was so excited when we heard we'd won, especially Mrs Fothegill who nearly fell off her chair!

Our first steps are to research and cost out what we need. We are getting together this week at our Eco School Meeting to get our ideas down on paper on what we'd like to grow and make up our shopping list!

Mrs Wright, our secretary is getting the prices of polytunnels for us and we hope we can order it soon to put up in the Spring.

Watch this space for more news!

Monday 15th December 2014

Finally we have received all the quotes from a range of polytunnel suppliers and we have ordered our polytunnel! We have managed to get a good price £850 which will allow us some left over funds to buy some plants, compost  and any other materials we need. We are looking forward to the tunnel arriving although we don't plan to erect it until the winter is over.

Wednesday 4th February

We have spent a long time  exploring prices and "best deals" for a polytunnel and finally came up with a suitable purchase from "Scotland's Polytunnels" company in Killin, They have managed to provide us with a polytunnel which meets our budget and it has arrived! At the moment all the parts are sitting in our school hall, and we plan to erect it with help from members of the community next month! In the meantime our Eco commitee have been given a challenge-to talk to other members of the community( keen gardeners and folks interested in our project)  and come up with 5 different things we can grow in our polytunnel. We await their ideas!


The parts for our polytunnel have arrived!


Hope someone can help us put these pieces of wood together!


Friday 21 August: PC Darren Millar has confirmed that he and one of his friends intend to get the base and frame set up. They will decide on a couple of dates for this and let us know - so we can see if there is any other help available!! I'm sure they would appreciate any help they can get.