Vision Values and Aims

Dalmally Primary School and Pre 5 Unit   


Vision                                                                                                           (Reviewed 2017)

To provide a nurturing learning environment where everyone supports each other to reach their potential.



We value:





Healthy Lifestyles




In order to equip our learners with the skills, attitudes and attributes to become successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals, we aim to:

  • provide a broad curriculum incorporating a wide range of high quality, creative learning experiences which are relevant, inclusive and meaningful to all, building independence and creativity. (Learning happens best in an environment which is flexible, where we ensure best practice makes best use of all opportunities that occur whether they are planned or not)


  • use our learning environments, indoors and outdoors, to engage, stimulate, challenge and support our children to learn, develop and apply skills for lifelong learning and healthy living.


  • work together to develop open, transparent partnerships with parents and carers, and wider families, encouraging them to be valued partners in their children’s learning in and out of school from the early stages at nursery onwards.


  • make best use of current partnerships in learning within our school and wider community and take further opportunities to be involved in our communities beliefs, culture and amenities to enhance  a wide range of learning experiences including enterprise and developing the young workforce.


  • promote a culture of ‘can do’ developing teamwork, flexibility and citizenship ensuring the learners’ voice is evident in planning and everyone has the opportunity to lead learning and be listened to.


  • ensure assessment, tracking and monitoring of learners needs and progress is proportionate, rigorous and involves the learner, to ensure the data we gather is meaningful and useful in setting next steps and that achievement and attainment are shared with learners and their families regularly.


  • encourage all learners to be ambitious and forward looking, developing and utilising personal and social skills and abilities as well as academic achievements in their life beyond school.
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